collection of poems sandyartha [Update]

love is art “every art form has shades of different colors … if love was the art would not want all of it must be used. sense, logical, mind … and clever-clever we wrote shaping, and coloring that love is a beautiful art.

You do not always be what you want, but if you try your best, you must be what you need.

Life is a choice, whatever makes you sad, leave. And anything that makes you smile, do not let go!


Sadness of a man

If he was sad, he was often silent and thinking! his guilt? against a spouse or friend. of the need to cry like the ‘most women
men tend to play in the appeal feeling emotion. but he pobud careless when his emotions would be a mistake there is no way out. or act out
reason, eg alcohol and drugs, if only if he can push his fault that the positive thing, but it is very difficult if there is support for environmental factors to encourage him to do the real damage the body. Do not do bad things you will encounter an error, then there will be issues that will complicate the situation and your life …

do not be afraid to cry my friend, bestow all your tears … until you really feel satisfied to cry …

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Four photos romantic

These are four photos so awesome, if we were to experience love like that “Love in the frame of eternity” but every man has a journey of love in different … his fourth at the photo could be an example for the journey of love … hopefully what we have today … will be a lasting love.  🙂  amen





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