King Of Reggae Indonesia

Tony Waluyo Sukmoasih (popularly known as Tony Tony Q or Q Rastafara; born in Semarang, Central Java, 27 April 1961, age 51 years) is an Indonesian singer homage to reggae that has been active in the range since 1989. He along with his band Rastafara popularized the term “dreadlocks” (dreadlock hairstyle) in Indonesia through the song with the same title in 1996. Tony Q has become the icon of reggae music of Indonesia. He is considered a pioneer of reggae in Indonesia, because he’s not only been in the range of those for a long time, but also develop character reggaenya own music, which he incorporates many traditional elements of Indonesia to the music, and the typical themes of Indonesia in his music. Refrensi_Wikipedia.

Personal life

Tony Q is a graduate of STM Shipping in Semarang. Before we dive into the world of music, in 1980 Tony Q has worked for six months on the quality control (quality control) in a canning factory owned by Singapore company in Cakung, East Jakarta. But then he left the job and chose to become a street musician and a musician, his family faced stiff opposition. He was a musician for five to six years in the Blok M, Jakarta.

Music career

According to an interview with Tony Q on Radio Netherlands Worldwide, before plunging in reggae music, he never played blues, rock, and even country music. In 1989 he finally chose to pursue reggae music which he can not escape from public life. Tony Q deeply idolizes Bob Marley, the late reggae musician from Jamaica famous.

With Rastafara

Q BersamaTony reggaenya music career start since 1989 with a Roots Rock Reggae band. Regular gig from cafe to cafe or event music scene in Jakarta. Having joined with many reggae bands like Exodus and Rastaman, finally in 1994 he formed the band that became quite famous Rastafara as bearers of reggae music stream in Indonesia at that time. Together Rastafara he had released two albums, namely “Dreadlocks Hair” (1996) and “I’m Falling In Love” (1997).
Almost all the songs in the album were created Tony Q, with the theme song that many social, humanity, love, and people’s lives everyday. One of the popular songs are “Dreadlocks hair”, a term for dreadlock hairstyles are often used by followers of the Rastafari movement, which then indirectly used in Indonesian term that became popular because of the song.
Rastafara time was considered different from other reggae bands because they managed to incorporate and integrate the elements of music and traditional Indonesian instruments into his music, forming an Indonesian reggae music that can be detached from the shadows of other countries such as the reggae music of Bob Marley, UB40 or Jimmy Cliff. The use of traditional musical instruments such as Kendang Sundanese or Javanese gamelan music adds color to participate in songs Rastafara. And the musical arrangement is also seen passing elements of Malay music, music typical North Sumatra or Sumatra.
In 1997 Rastafara decided to vacuum the music because of the lack

Solo music career

Tony Q of 2000, now known by the name of Tony Q Rastafara successfully released his first solo album, “Peace With Love” no record company was shaded. In this first solo album Tony Q began experiencing peak of his career in reggae music. After hearing the first album, a professor in the music of Canada gave Tony Q reference for sending demos to participate in the event the Bob Marley Festival in the United States. Organisers of the festival like the songs on the demo and then invited Tony Q for the same appeared on the show in 2002. But the departure of Tony Q and his entourage were forced to cancel the festival because they did not get permission from the American embassy visa due to security reasons related to the “Events 9/11” in the United States that occur adjacent to the planned departure of Tony Q.
In 2003 Tony Q Rastafara released a second solo album entitled “Chronology”. Song in the album is a collection of some of the songs from the albums Tony Q before and also some songs which have not been released. In 2005 Tony Q released the album “Greetings of Peace”. In this album Tony Q tried to incorporate elements of reggae music with traditional instruments Indonesia. In this album there is a song with lyrics Sundanese (“Paris Van Java”) and Java (“Ngajogjakarta”) which further adds to the traditional elements of Indonesia’s strong reggae music. [3]
In 2005 the song “Pat Gulipat” from his first solo album “Peace With Love”, entered the music compilation album “Reggae Playground” which was released in February 2006 under the label Putumayo.

“Story Mas Tony Q Rastafara

Men from Semarang, a small town in central Java, Indonesia, was born with the name Tony Waluyo Sukmoasih. Born to a modest family, his artistic talent was terihat since childhood, especially in the field of painting and musik.Tony acquainted with the world of music through friends and much influenced by the type of rock music and blues.Selepas graduated from vocational technical school (STM) Tony decided to start a musical career in the city of Semarang As with street musicians since 1980, to make it close to the lives of street musicians Semarang. In his hometown, Tony had made a compilation album of street children with his friends and had won several music festivals jalanan.Karena want to try a new challenge in music so he will move and try their luck in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. Because life close to the street musicians, Tony went back into the same community in Jakarta. With the help of a friend who first engaged in the world Jakarta street musicians, Tony also embolden his intention to start a musical career as a busker in Jakarta. Entertaining and playing music from one place to another in around the outskirts of the Jakarta.Di mid-1984, at the instigation of a friend, Tony became acquainted with country music and started trying to play the kind of music at that time has not been too popular among the people of Indonesia because not many musicians who play the music genre. Of existence playing country music, Tony began to make friends of the expatriate community in Jakarta, one of which is a community of friends from the United States embassy in Jakarta. Several times Tony was invited to perform at events organized by the United States embassy and the help of friends at the embassy he managed to get an invitation to play in one of the biggest country music festival in the U.S. that is Grand Old Opree Tennese housed in America States. However, due to lack of financial support, plans to perform at the festival can not be realized. For a long time playing country music Tony began to feel burnout and felt that his career in country music did not develop until he decided to leave the band countrynya and start trying to find other types of music are more in line with jiwanya.Tony became acquainted with reggae music in early 1989, when he fell in love with the figure of reggae legend Bob Marley. Not only inspired by the music, the lyrics of Bob Marley in any truly disturbing musical instinct, until he was sure to choose a career in reggae music and started trying to exist in the music genre. In the same year Tony formed his first reggae band called “Roots Rock Reggae”. The band first started started his career by playing in the pubs and cafes seputaran Jakarta plays the songs of Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and others with Tony as lead vocals and lead guitar. On his way his reggae career, Tony had formed other reggae bands, such as “Exodus”, then “Rastaman” and in 1994 he formed the band that would later take his name in the music world reggae Indonesia is “Rastafara”. With Rastafara, Tony’s musical career began to climb, because at that time it was very rare musician whose band played reggae music genre in jakarta, it is fairly widely known Rastafara kalangn reggae music lovers. Rastafara at the time it was considered a pioneer of reggae music because Indonesia is the only one who dared to reggae band rendition of his own creation, and tried to escape from the shadow of the style of Jamaican reggae music and almost all the songs created by Tony.Pada Rastafara 1995 , with the help of a friend, Rastafara managed to get an offer to record the album from Warner Music Indonesia. And finally debut album titled “Hair Dreadlocks” was released in 1996. The album received a very good response, and managed to give a new color to Indonesian music industry at that time was dominated by the Alternative Rock music. Almost all the songs on the album were created by the Tony, the lyrics of the song most talked about social themes, humanity, love and the theme of the day-to-day life. The song is quite popular at that time was “Hair Dreadlocks” a term for Dreadlock hair style in a foreign language then indirectly used the term in the Indonesian language and became popular song dikarenakannya tersebut.Perbedaan Rastafara at that time with other reggae bands is because they successfully incorporate and combine elements of traditional music with traditional Indonesian style into his music, forming an Indonesian reggae music that can be detached from the shadows of the world of reggae music like Bob Marley, UB40 or Jimmy Cliff. The use of traditional musical instruments such as the Sunda or Gamelan Java Kendang also add color to Indonesian music in songs Rastafara. Music arranger cursory also seen mixing musical elements melayu.Pada 1997, a contract with a music label album was not extended and Rastafara decided to vacuum in music, until Tony decided to form a new band still carries the name was formed in 1998 Rastafara.Pada Tony Q & New Rastafara, with additional band format player. But then Tony decided to pursue a solo career with his band still carries the name of Tony Q Rastafara, successful independently released album in 2000 namely “Peace With Love”. In fact this is his third album, Tony started up the peak of his career in reggae music in Indonesia, because the album is a Professor in the field of American musical references gave him to participate in the event the Bob Marley Festival in America. Festival Organizers like the songs on the album and then invite Tony to these appeared on the show in 2002, but unfortunately Tony and his entourage did not get permission from the American embassy visa due to security concerns related to the WTC tragedy of September 11 in the U.S. that occurred adjacent to the planned departure of Tony to Amerika.Pada year 2003 fourth album entitled “Chronology” in the release, the songs on the album is a collection of some songs from previous albums as well as some songs that have not been dirilis.Kedekatan Tony with NGOs and NGOs such as Green Peace, WALHI, and others suggested to him to make an album that has the vision and mission of social and humanitarian deeper and meaningful. Thus in 2005 was born the fifth album titled “Greetings of Peace” with a mission and vision to say about peace in this album Tony Q tried to incorporate elements of reggae music with orchestra music but do not forget to include the more traditional elements kental.Di end of the year 2005, again for the help reference from his old friend, Professor of Musicology of the United States, one of the songs from his third album “Peace With Love” is “Pat Gulipat” compilation album made it into the World Music Putumayo world music with the title “Reggae Playground” has International released in February 2006. As the only representative from Asia it is also not only the name of Tony Q mengaharumkan itself but also the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world and in particular the style of Reggae Music Indonesia also known as Internasional.Setelah so long been in the world of indie labels, Tony was trying to re-release the album on a major label in 2007 with the title “Son of Kampung”. Nuance her sixth album is still trying to incorporate elements of reggae with traditional Indonesian music and increasingly dominated by the theme songs of social, making music was a lot of rage of middle-class society, especially those from outside the region growing Jakarta.Basis fans, Tony started to try to facilitate the desire of fans to form a fan club, are scattered in almost all parts of Indonesia to get to neighboring Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. At the beginning of 2009 to coincide with the ongoing democratic party in Indonesia, namely the election of President, Tony went back to the seventh album released independently with the title “President” the process of recording this album was completely done in Sydney, Australia. In his latest album is Tony really wanted to give the feel and theme of politics that is quite thick for the welcome and the response to the election of the President Indonesia.Aransemen his music became more varied, Tony returned to reminisce with country music, which he tried to incorporate elements of a typical banjo guitar country music tersebut.Pada album mid-2009, after a long process the demo songs ever tried on offer at a world music label named Cumbancha of the United States belong to the former A & R from world music label Putumayo, Jacob Edgar, from the United States since 2008 was finally reached an agreement. Cumbancha provide opportunity and offer to release songs Tony internationally. The album itself is planned to be released in early 2010 internationally will also be circulated in Indonesia.


List Album,

  • 1996, Rambut Gimbal, Hemagita Record,
  • 1997, Gue Falling in Love, Blackboard Record,
  • 2000, Damai Dengan Cinta AK, Production,
  • 2003, Kronologi,
  • 2005,Salam Damai, IM Production,
  • 2007, Anak Kampung,
  • 2009, Presiden, Tony Q Production,
  • 2010, Akustik Kurang Tambah, Tony Q Production & Talenta Production,
  • 2012, Membentang Sayap, Tony Q Production & Talenta Production,

Solo career,

  • Damai Dengan Cinta (2000) – AK Production
  • Kronologi (2003) – Indonesia Rasta Production
  • Salam Damai (2005) – IM Production
  • Anak Kampung (2007) – Tony Q Production / 267 Record
  • Presiden (2009) – Tony Q Production
  • Kurang Tambah (2010)
  • Membentang Sayap (2012)

Many songs heard,

Tony Q Rastafara – Pesta pantai .::Play::.
Tony Q Rastafara – Ojo Lali .::Play::.
Tony Q Rastafara – Ngayogyakarta .::Play::.
Tony Q Rastafara – Paris Van Java .::Play::.
Tony Q Rastafara – This is my way .::Play::.
Tony Q Rastafara – Don’t Worry .::Play::.
TOny Q Rastafara – Kong kali kong .::Play::.
Tony Q Rastafara – Writing tresno .::Play::.

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